Foldable Container House

Folding container house:

Size: 5800x2480x2560mm and 5800x2350x2360mm

Frame: galvanized steel    Wall panel: Glass wool panel    Electric system: included

Shipping term: By sea.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 piece.

Delivery time: within 7 days from prepayment.

Packing : 10 piece/40HQ shipping container. 5 piece/20ft shipping container.

Usage: Office,Executive Camps,Staff Security Room,Storage Room,Movable house..

Advantages of foldable integrated houses:

  • Simple making, beautiful, firm, and few welding parts.

  • On-site installation, convenient disassembly and assembly, can be operated by only 2-3 people. The installation only takes 3-5 minutes, and self-contained.

  • Relatively low transportation costs, storage costs, and usage costs.

Application area: Folding houses are suitable for various construction sites, temporary residences, offices, post-earthquake resettlement, highways, railways, buildings, wind power, photovoltaic, and rural dilapidated house emergency lights.