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Brief Introduction

OOO "KIKI UNICON" is subsidiary of SINO CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING INDUSTRY CO.,LTD which is a large-scale modern modular housing enterprise integrating professional design, manufacturing and construction. 

Our company has a complete set of manufacturing facilities such as independent pressing  workshops, automatic welding workshops, automatic color board production workshops, and   assembly workshops, and has specially established a modular housekeeping research institute,  a light steel housing business department, and a modular housing business department. 

Our company gradually established a sales service center focusing on China and radiating the global countries. According to“the Belt and Road Initiatives”proposed by China, an international center has been specially set up. Products are exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East and other regions. The company  aims to provide a safe, environmentally friendly, intelligent and comfortable combined building space.