Foldable Container House

The foldable container house adopts modular design technology, which can be customized according to the customer’s preferences. Because it is modular construction, so the size of the house can be customized as you like. The house can well save space during transportation. A house of 100 square meters can be assembled from 3 folding houses. When transporting, it can be pulled away by one vehicle at the same time, which greatly saves transportation costs.

Folding houses are equipped with special hinge links, which can be folded thousands of times with almost no loss. Air leakage and rain leakage are all taken into consideration at the joints of the boards, and plastic gaskets will be added to seal the joints. It has the characteristics of class A fire resistance, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, rain leakage resistance, repeated folding, recycling, and meeting the standard of emergency living.

Advantages of foldable integrated houses:

  • Simple making, beautiful, firm, and few welding parts.

  • On-site installation, convenient disassembly and assembly, can be operated by only 2-3 people. The installation only takes 3-5 minutes, and self-contained.

  • Relatively low transportation costs, storage costs, and usage costs.

Application area: Folding houses are suitable for various construction sites, temporary residences, offices, post-earthquake resettlement, highways, railways, buildings, wind power, photovoltaic, and rural dilapidated house emergency lights.